Jennifer Cobb

Human Resources Director

Jennifer Cobb serves as the Human Resources Director for Atlantic Residential. Jennifer graduated from the University of South Alabama with a Bachelor of Science in Human Resources Management.  Jennifer is a member of the National Chapter of the Society for HR Management (SHRM).

As an accomplished Human Resources professional with 20 years of experience, Jennifer has a proven track record in overseeing diverse Human Resources functions.  Jennifer currently directs all Human Resources duties for the company including payroll, recruitment, onboarding, employee relations, benefit administration and many more.

Jennifer joined the Atlantic Residential team in September of 2018.  Prior to joining Atlantic Residential, Jennifer worked in HR for a software development company, an audio-visual company, and an IT service provider.

Jennifer is passionate about contributing to organizational success by aligning HR strategies with business objectives. Jennifer’s goal is to create a workplace culture that values diversity, fosters continuous learning, and empowers employees to achieve their full potential.